GM2 Software

GM2 Software

The Perfect Custom Software Solution

ONE Grounds has spent years developing a proprietary software and app package that meets the needs of our Facility Manager clients as well as facilitates input from our many crews and service partners who are on the grounds doing the work of commercial landscaping.

The best part of GM2 is its ease of use for current work being done, photos of the most recent service visit, access to custom reports, ease of requesting additional work orders and special projects and access to immediate contact with your personal manager.

Access to All Properties Right on Your Phone

You can access your account on GM2 from any phone, device, or computer. This makes it easy to check up on current photos or see if a special issue was resolved to your satisfaction. With GM2 you literally have all your locations and grounds services at your finger tips.

You can export your reports from GM2 into several file formats for ease in creating reports you need for analysis or presentations to your share holders. You also have access to our IT team for support, training, customization, exporting, or any other questions or assistance you need to make your job easier.


Smaller Landscaping Companies are recognizing the incredible value of our GM2 software for managing clients and landscaping projects of every size and category. Call us today to discuss licensing options to get this software tool into the hands of your managers and crews and watch your efficiency and productivity soar.


One of the greatest benefits of a software solution like GM2 is the capacity to create and store digital documentation on our cloud. Documentation is the key in proving quality of work, in defending legal challenges, in preventing slip-and-fall litigation, and in providing client assurance and the best customer service in the industry.