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ONE Grounds is looking to partner with smaller companies and contractors who want to grow with us as we service clients with commercial locations across the United States. Often the logistics of large, multi-location, multi-state contracts make it necessary to partner with additional service providers who share our vision and commitment to provide high quality grounds services with professional employees.

We are seeking to partner with small businesses who focus on quality mowing, trimming, grounds clean up, sweeping, lot maintenance, striping, repairs, irrigation, snow plowing, de-icing, pest control, pressure washing, backflow testing, tree trimming, tree removal, beds, moss removal, ADA upgrades, pest control, storm drain cleaning, installations, and more.

ONE Service Partners Learn New Technologies

All of our service partners must become proficient with our proprietary software, GM2. This allows all service partners and clients to access their accounts on GM2 from any phone, device, or computer. This makes it easy to check up on current photos or see if a special issue was resolved to satisfaction. With GM2 you literally have all your locations and service partners at your finger tips.

You can export your reports from GM2 into several file formats for ease in creating reports you need for analysis or presentations to your share holders. You also have access to our IT team for support, training, customization, exporting, or any other questions or assistance you need to make your job easier.

If you would like to become a ONE Grounds Service Partner please click the LOGIN button above or call at 208-459-9900.


Partnering with ONE Grounds Management provides your company with FOCUS, RESOURCES, BIGGER CLIENTS, and GROWTH.


Tools and Resources to grow business, NEW Technology, Access to large-scale clients, Risk and Liability Management, Quality Control, ISO Certification Credentials, Training and Development, Network of Partnerships, Client Relationship Management, Ability to focus your talents, Insurance Options, Build Route Density, Cash FLow, Extra Work Orders, and so much more...

Targeted Services

Mowing & Maintenance
Chemical Application
Snow & Ice Management
Design & Construction
Backflow Testing
Tree Trimming
Tree Removal
Bed Renovations
Moss Removal
ADA Upgrades
Pest Control
Parking Lot Maintenance
Asphalt Repair/Resurfacing
Storm Drain Cleaning
Power Washing
Structural Installations

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