About Us

About Us

ONE Grounds Management has been in the business of commercial landscape management since 1995. We have honed our business model over the years to achieve the best results for regional professionals who manage many commercial properties spread out across multiple cities and states.

We work with bank, retail, and other regional Facility Managers across the western US who have many branches requiring multiple contracts with many various service vendors. ONE consolidates all this work with our team of operation crews, account managers, billing agents, custom software, and support staff.

Our team adds value by simplifying all grounds management into one contract and utlizing proprietary software and up to date technology. We have a tested "Dual Presence" model of skilled in-house crews for quality control, documentation, and improvements. We also partner with the best landscape contractors in the industry for regular weekly tasks of mowing and clean up.

The result is dependable, outcome-based success as the work is executed to contract specifications at each service visit, quality is maintainted by expert oversight, and new photos and notations are uploaded on-site at each visit and are instantly available for online review.


ONE Grounds in the Spotlight

Jason Nielsen featured on regional radio series.

Founder and CEO, Jason Nielsen, was recently interviewed by Chris Redgrave for the Zion's Bank business series, "Speaking on Business." Click the play button to listen to the radio segment that aired on radio stations in Idaho and Utah.






Team partners


Tokens of Kindness


Be an influence for good.

Our vision is a simple goal to influence our industry and our communities for good.

This philosophy affects our staff and our partners in many positive ways. Our staff are active in volunteering and contributing to many good causes throughout our communities. While we work hard to do the very best for our clients, we also love to give back through service and kindness.

Jason Nielsen, CEO


Be an influence for good.


We aspire to be the most desired provider of facility services
in the United States through our committment to excellence
and use of technology.


We model integrity, teamwork, innovation,
efficiency, accountability, and education
to help our employees, partners, and clients
to reach their highest potential.